Among Us Review

Among Us has been around for over two years but only grew popularity among gamers in the recent quarantine situation. People are now free and bored to explore new things, and Among Us is one of the gems they found out recently. People are looking for a good way to enjoy their pandemic holidays and Among Us is all about eating away your time while you try to deceit others and defend yourself. It is time now that the real imposter finds new ways to escape suspicion, and people are getting smarter with every game.

Among Us is developed by Innersloth. It is a social deduction game where up to ten players can play in a match. A player can either be a crewmate or an imposter. The crewmates need to identify the imposters among them, while the imposter can kill the crewmates while trying to stay unknown for as long as possible. There are tasks in the game which only the crewmates can perform while the imposters can only pretend to complete a task. The cremates can call a meeting when a dead body is discovered or by hitting the emergency button. In the meeting, everyone, including the imposters, can discuss who is guilty of the murders. At the end of the discussions, everyone gets to vote. After a crewmate or an imposter is voted out, the game will continue. The crewmates need to vote our all the imposters to win the game before it is too late.

2D Game

The game mechanics are easy and have a 2D environment. There is not much to do in the game while roaming around one of the three maps. The discussion is the most important and interesting part where everyone can get to put their suspicions on others. The one with the best defense can do good in the game while others can get voted out quickly. After being voted out or being killed, the players can roam around the map as “ghosts” can track the imposters and crewmates easily, but they can no longer interact with others in meetings.

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Our take on the game

The game is interesting and can really entertain people during the interactions where everyone is trying to defend themselves. Despite its cartoonish visuals, it is a fun and comedic game that can be a great activity for friends to chill out from their homes. The game is also known to comically break bonds between friends and turn them against each other.

The interesting costumes and pets in the game make it even more entertaining. The pets have their own fun animations when their player dies. It gives an option for players to customize their characters and play uniquely around the game. Even though the game is built to deceit friends and betray their trust, it is only meant for fun, creative entertainment. Among Us is a total hit among friends, but it can really get boring while playing against random people. Gamers do not know what more they can expect from Among Us in the future. Till then, the game can only live long enough until everyone once again gets back to the games that offer more features and competition, like FPS and MOBAs.