Persona 5 Has Slight Multiplayer Functionality

Persona 5, although a single-player game, will feature some online features that allow you to get help from other players. Like what they did with the Vita version of Person 4.

As detailed in Famitsu’s newest issue (then translated by Siliconera), Persona 5 ‘s primary online component works with the Phantom Thieves Alliance. Although there is this online function, it doesn’t affect the game ‘s story. However, it will assist in several ways.

During fighting,

“If a comrade falls in battle, they can be taken hostage. If you refuse the demand of items or fail the negotiations, the ally gets KO’d, but you can use the Phantom Thief Alliance to get help from other players.”

Another way to connect online can help you involve your “free time” characters. In past games, when you’re not venturing through dungeons, you have time to do different things after school. Deciding what to do, or finding all possible choices on any given day, can be a challenge. For that, you can see what other players chose to do with their time, you can see it in the picture below with the percentage of what other players chose. You can also see what responses others have chosen when you’re asked a question during class, like calling a friend in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

PS4 and PS3 launch in Japan on September 15th. North America and Europe fans must wait for February 14, 2017.

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