Valorant Review: Reintroducing the Best FPS Game Mechanics

Valorant came out of beta in January 2020 and was made available for all as a new FPS 5v5 tactical competitive. Riot Games has done it once again after their grand success of League of Legends in 2009. The game seems to have everything that an FPS multiplayer today needs, with balanced maps, interesting characters with unique abilities, and a game mechanic that has been the first choice for FPS gamers.

Valorant is Riot’s second game, and they made sure that they live up to the expectations of their gaming community. With quality in mechanics, graphics, and entertainment, Riot’s team seems to know exactly what the gamers look for. Riot Gaming has always given a tough competition to Valve Corporation’s DOTA2 with its own MOBA, League of Legends. Now Riot Games developers are ready to compete with Valve’s another bestseller, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

FPS gamers

About the game

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical FPS game. There are 11 (and more on the way) agents in the game who have unique abilities to play solo or work it out with the team. The maps and game design is well balanced to provide easy-to-learn and an entertaining platform for new and old gamers.

The gameplay of Valorant consists of two teams who play as attackers and defenders in a match with 12 rounds half. The team who wins 13 rounds first wins the game. The objective of the attackers in every round is to plant the spike in one of the spike sites on the map and hold the site until the spike detonates. The defenders have to defend the spike sites from the attackers and defuse the spike if the attackers have planted it before it explodes.

Riot Games is already planning to host events and major esports tournaments for Valorant. The gaming organizations are already busy creating their new rosters of professional players to take part in online and live tournaments. Valorant is still developing and introducing new agents, which promises a bright future of the game among the gamers.

The Anti-cheat system and mechanics

With Valorant, Riot Games have also introduced an anti-cheat system and an improved deployment with the best servers to reduce latency. Riot promises the least cheating possibilities in competitive games to assure gamers a fair win and loss.

 Riot Games

Looking back at the history of a similar game and the father of the game mechanics that Valorant uses, CSGO has been an FPS gamers’ favorite until the cheating and hack tools took over its gaming community. Players are tired of the cheaters in CSGO, which is the reason for its slow decline. Riot devs understood this and implemented the best way to keep the hackers away. They have proved that execution is more important in gaming than originality.

Valorant uses the same shooting mechanics as CSGO, which makes it easy for the CSGO players to switch to this game and have better and safer gaming. For the ones who are new to this FPS mechanics, it will be a fun journey to learn about the game and each of its interesting characters.