Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Brings Universe 6 Saga DLC Pack & A Free Update

Details of a Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 content update that you can anticipate by the end of this month were shared by Bandai Namco Europe. Expect new costumes, Tenkaichi tourney rules, and above all DLC content focused on Saga 6 Universe Dragon Ball Super.

The free update that comes on February 27th includes:

Fresh costumes: Bido & Zangya.
Clothes and Cooler ‘s Metal Suit Android 15
2 Latest assignments of experts: Broly and Janemba
5 New Aggressions
New Tournament Rules Tenkaichi
Tenkaichi character: All players must battle with the same character as “Goku Tenkaichi,” “Yamcha Tenakichi” or “Pan Tenkaichi”
Community Tenkaichi: players can select only GT characters for instance the “GT Cup”
Jersey Tenkaichi Turnier

The following day, 28 February, DLC Pack 2 will release. In DLC Pack 2, Dragon Ball Super Champa and Vados join the playable roster. In addition to a new stage, the U6 / U7 Tournament Stage, a whole new chapter of history based on Universe 6 arch will be launched.

Six Saga Chapter of New Universe Narrative
2 New Characters for Playability (Champa / Vados)
1 new phase (stage U6 vs U7)
8 New Aggressions
Three fresh dresses
1 New car (Saiyan space pod) 1 New car
Emotes and Super Souls
For Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is available. In the future there will be a Nintendo Switch version.