Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – How to Locate and Defeat Cuchulainn The Impure

Cuchulainn, Impure is one of the earliest Espers players can get, but it’s also a hard fight. If you’re looking to get everything in Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age, you’re going to have to fight this behemoth and we have the strategy to ensure your victory.


Cuchulainn requires you to hunt “Waterway Haunting” and “Lost in the Pudding.” This gives you access to the Sulce Gate Key for the puzzle ahead. Cuchulainn is one of the most vexing Espers in Final Fantasy XII, but here’s the solution:

Interact with the switches so that 3 and 10 lights are on and 4 and 11 lights are off Head down Number 3 Cloaca Spur to the southwest and use the remote control to close Number 1 South Waterway Return to the central control and switch all switches – 4 and 11 lights on and 3 and 10 off.

Head down Number 4 Cloaca Spur and use remote control to close Number 2 South Waterway.

Return to central control and operate switches to turn off 3 and 4 lights, 10, and 11 lights.

Head directly south to a large area of water, Cloaca 1

Cuchulainn’s waiting.


Strategy for:

Throughout the battle, you’ll be inflicted with Sap thanks to the toxin that Cuchulainn can’t dispel. Besides the uncurable Sap Cuchulainn can inflict another Sap on your party, that’s double the drainage of health.

To counter Disable Spell and Dispel Cuchulainn’s Haste, use Black Belts. Assign one party member to healing and nothing else, if possible assign to Esunaga, Arise, and Raise another member to minimize MP costs.

Cuchulainn’s main attack means are Toxify and Bio. He’ll also use Slow and Disable to keep away your party. “Invert” is terrible because it swaps your HP and MP values, but avoid Cuchulainn until wear off.

Foobars start the battle, take them down. Weak to Light / Holy magic. Once all four died, focus on Cuchulainn. Cuchulainn will panic and start using Drain and Mana Spring to recover MP for Bio. Once Cuchulainn falls below 15%, he will increase defense, unleash your Quickenings, and gain the power of Esper.

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