Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – How to Locate and Defeat Zodiark Keeper of Precepts

Zodiark, Keeper of Precepts is the game ‘s hardest boss, and the most powerful Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age.

Location of the apartment:

Zodiark is in an optional Henne Mines area, requiring the player to defeat all 10 Espers before access. Once all requirements are met in Jahara, talk to Geomancer Yugelu. He’ll open the door leading deeper into mines.

Head into the room where you fought Tiamat and head right into the exit. Enemies ahead are strong but undead, making magical attacks against Holy and Healing weak. If you have Excalibur, everything in the area will be short.

Strategy for:

Zodiark will cast Darkja at the beginning of the fight, which causes 8k damage, can cause death, and Blinds will survive. To avoid this, take a dive by forcing your weakest character into battle alone. If you’re in a full team, you’re likely dead. Thereafter, Darkja will hit for 200-3k damage and can cause disease.

Dispel all buffs and prioritize remaining alive. Zodiark is powerful, and one Scathe can wipe your entire team in one blow. Bring 2 healers and set your main DPS for self-healing.

Don’t use dark-element damage or use Banish Ray, an instant kill. If you’re using items that absorb Dark, he’ll use Flare and multiple enemies can hit Scathe. All his spells ignore Reflect and take no time to use. Don’t expect to exploit Zodiark ‘s weakness to Holy, he’ll change his weakness with Shift once damaged with Holy.

Zodiark will start using Great Barrier, Faith, Bravery, and Mana Spring at 25% health. He’ll become impervious to damage and start casting Darkja. If this happens, have one member take the attack force until Zodiark becomes vulnerable.

Zodiark will still perform the same tactics at 10% but much higher. He will also activate Last Stand to reduce all damage. If your Quickenings remain, use them.

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