Detroit: Become Human – How to find Traci android in the Eden club

In Detroit: You’ll eventually come to the Eden Club, a sex club full of androids. Your goal is to find out who killed one of the customers and whether android was responsible. It turns out you had to locate it in three minutes.

First, find out what the android looks like. After repairing, ask if it was alone and “Murderer.” After asking the “Model” and shutdown. Afterward, head to the Traci across the room to trigger the next portion, where you’ll activate a series of androids to find out the location of Traci.

From the first Android 14 is across, then probe it to Android 17 and probe it showing the Traci heading into the next room.

Head into the next area and locate Android 25 left. The next room’s Android, Android 23. Sample, search the room, then test the Janitor to complete the chase.

The Traci is located in the next room in the upper right corner.