Monster Hunter Games Review

Monster hunter gamers are a series of a franchise that is a fantasy-themed action game. It started with the release of the Monster Hunter for the Playstation in 2004. This series of games was produced and was developed by the Capcom.

In short, these series of games are based on role-playing hunters that take the form of different types of hunters basically to slay, trap or even get hold of monsters in the game across diverse landscapes, which is a part of the game’s quest. Some of the inquiries in the landscapes include gathering materials from the destinations as a part of the win. Like any other games, the points gained from gathering the loop will also lead to craft weapons, armours and other items that are necessary to protect yourself (hunters) from the monster. The game provides the options of multiplayer with a full of four players or also includes just one player.

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As of 2020, the game sold millions of copies (64 million approx.) and is also regarded as the second-best game and the second best selling game after the Resident Evil. Most of the sell for this game comes from Japan and other Asian countries. However, it is taking a learning curve in most of the other Asian countries across the world.

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Like mentioned above, these games are based on the action-play, role-playing games that comprise of industry-level technology in their settings. In most of the less populated landscapes in the game, the monsters ruin the villages and their home to destroy the entire village and make a win. However, the players should take the role of a hunter, who hunts for these monsters and protects the villages and the people living inside them. This is done in the game through the introduction of a series of traps and quests to the monster. They also include various challenges and optical challenges that the hunters (players) ought to overcome in order to claim a win.

Unlike other traditional games based on the hunters, the size of the hunters does not grow and possesses intrinsic attributes. The ability of the hunter is solely based on the player’s skill to pass various levels and gain the weapons and armors that they select before the mission starts. The most common weapons in the game include lance, hammer, bow and arrow, sword and other specific power attacking weapons. The player can wear multiple armours at once and also subject themselves to various attacks with them and prevent themselves from getting hurt.

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Monster Hunter is a popular game that has sold over 60 million copies across the world by march 2020. Five million units of the Monster Hunter; World was shipped two days after the game’s release and 2018. It was subjected to over 8 million sold copies. Over 70% of its sales were from the Asian countries, including Japan.